Need help with a character to move down slowly while kissing!

So i’m a new writer and i’m trying to make a character move down slowly while kissing… for example a guy kissing her moving down to her chest or neck.

I already know how to code it but I think i’m having bugs with it because when I preview, instead of moving down slowly it just automatically goes down into its position I don’t know how to explain😭

This is what I put…
@MALE_CHARACTER spot 1.311 95 37 in zone 2 at layer 3 AND MALE_CHARACTER does it while kiss_makeout_loop_rear THEN MALE_CHARACTER is kiss_makeout_loop_rear AND MALE_CHARACTER faces left

Your code looks good, but I don’t see the male character moving lol
So, you’d want to have the male and female kissing first, then spot direct him going slowly down (by down I mean like the neck or chest :laughing:) in like (6 seconds)

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Thank you for replying i’ll try that and let you know!

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Okay, let me know if you have any problems :blush:

Move the character to a lower spot and make the character do it while doing the kissing animation

e.g CHARACTER walks to spot xyz in zone # in T AND CHARACTER does it while kiss_makeout_loop


when I tried adding the seconds it would just say invalid

Can I see your code?

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Ok i got it to work but when he moves down slowly he turns another direction and when he is done he faces the right way😥

A heads up, you gotta be really careful with showing character’s kissing down the other’s body because it can be considered breaking guidelines. As long as they don’t below chest level, there isn’t narration with explicit descriptions or details, and aren’t in a bed background (i.e. overview of a bed) you should be safe. :slight_smile: It says this is your first time posting here I just wanted to make sure you knew about episode’s existing rules about romance scenes – even if they are arbitrarily enforced.

Welcome to the Community :smiley:

Try doing:
@CHARCTER walks to spot x y in zone z in T and CHARACTER faces (left/right) and CHARACTER starts -animation_name_here- then CHARACTER faces (left/right) and CHARACTER starts -animation_name_here-

With rear-facing, you want the opposite facing instruction - so if you want them facing left while rear-facing, you would do and CHARACTER faces right and CHARACTER starts rear_facing_animation_name


Thank you for the heads up. Yes this is my first time being on here and first time making a story😅thank you for the help I will try this and let you know if it works!!

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Okay :slight_smile:
It should work if you add the facing direction into your walking code then add it after yout then :slight_smile:

Yess it work thank you so much for helping me solve this problem💗!!

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No problem :slight_smile: Good luck with your story!

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