Need help with a cover please


Need help with a story cover please. The size I’m doing at the minute is 420x580. I have done the main part of it I just need 2 characters for it. If anyone can help with it that would be amazing thankyou!!!


I would love to help you!


Okay thankyou, basically i need 2 characters put on the background i made. I’m not sure if i should keep the characters im using for the story or create more realistic characters?


What does the characters and the background look like?


This is the start of the cover


Wow, this background looks amazing! I definitely think realistic characters on this cover would look better.


Thankyou so much! really!? i was thinking the same, however i have no idea how to make them.


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Can you give a picture of the characters ,then if you want I could try to draw them.


Okay thankyou, I’ll post them soon. However they are on a post someone on my page