Need help with a cover! (:


So I’m writing a new story and I’d really appreciate some help with a cover! I know it’s a lot to ask for, but I want more of a professional look rather than the “amateur” style… I hate to say that as it sounds rude, but I want this cover to draw attention to my story.

I’m willing to pay! Here are the details (read the summary in the “Title/Information” section)


(Bold=Necessary on the cover)

  • Title:
  • Caption:
    “There is no royal road that leads to love”
  • Author:
    Abygail Bauman
  • Summary (IMPORTANT):
    The main character (Leda) is the middle sister of a ROYAL family- her father is the king and her mom is a consort. She is very different from her sisters and has always been different. Her sisters dream of marrying the perfect guy and having the perfect life while Leda dreams of ruling a kingdom on her OWN without a man over her shoulder- something that had never happened before in her kingdom. But soon enough, her father to form an alliance pairs up three princes with his three princesses and how the story continues is up to the reader…
  • Style:

if you would like, I do have overlays of the title and my author name that i’ll use in chapters- you don’t have to use them but if you want to I’m fine either way!



(Bold=Necessary on the cover)

Main character (Leda):

  • Body: Copper 00
  • Brow shape: arched natural
  • Brow color: medium warm brown
  • Hair style: updo pony wavy long
  • Hair color: strawberry blonde
  • Eye shape: round medium
  • Eye color: brown pale
  • Face: diamond defined contour
  • Nose: defined natural
  • Lip shape: full heart pouty
  • Lip color: pink beige gloss
  • Sweater Dress Knit Thick Cord Wool Grey Black
  • Ringed Long Chain Necklace Metal Silver
  • Lace Cape Stiletto Heels Leather Grey Black
  • Freckles Heavy (08-10)
  • Prom Queen Crown Metal Silver
  • Anything that represents an important and strong character! Get creative!

Other character (Elara):

  • Body: rose 02
  • Brow shape: arched natural
  • Brow color: dark brown
  • Hair style: bouffant long wavy
  • Hair color: brunette brown
  • Eye shape: deepset almond
  • Eye color: grey cool
  • Face: diamond defined contour
  • Nose: defined natural
  • Lip shape: thin heart
  • Lip color: pink beige gloss
  • Shortsleeve Fit And Flare Dress Cotton Black White
  • Prom Queen Crown Metal Silver
  • Jewel Encrusted Heels Leather Grey Black
  • Anything that represents a confident but humble leader!

Other character (Thalia):

  • Body: rose 03
  • Brow shape: round medium
  • Brow color: light brown
  • Hair style: long down wavy princess braid
  • Hair color: ash blonde
  • Eye shape: female generic
  • Eye color: grey cool
  • Face: diamond
  • Nose: defined natural
  • Lip shape: small heart
  • Lip color: fair rose matte
  • Tanktopbasicshort Cotton Neutralblack
  • Royal Chiffon Dress Chiffon Grey Black
  • Clear Heel High Heels Plastic Black
  • Prom Queen Crown Metal Silver
  • Something that represents her shyness! She’s the youngest and definitely still naive
Other art information

(Bold=Necessary on the cover)

The background can be any black and white or pastel pinkish style! Just something that blends with the rest of the cover and represents the theme/summary!
If i truly love the art I choose- I will pay you! We can negotiate a price! Thank you for helping!!


i can try to make you one if you like my examples x

(i made the pose too)

these are the only ones i have currently. sorry about that.

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Hey! I want to try, if you are still interested then contact me on Instagram @orangeweedie1998

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Hey, I’m Grace. I’ve been doing this for few months now! Ik that can sound short, but I have a background in photoshop and photography! My Art Shop is always open and there are no current requests! And it is free of charge!

Examples of My Work from Actual Stories!

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I really like your style! I’ll PM you! <3

Thank you everyone else for your offers!

Hi If you are still looking for an artist then my commissions are open.Send me an email if you seem interested.


Commission Open

Use pixabay