Need help with a description for my story!

I’m really not the best at creating descriptions lol, and I know they’re one of the most important things because when the reader clicks on your story the description is their ultimate decision on if they want to read it or not. I’m already so close to publishing my story, I have my cover and everything but I still don’t have a description.

Plot Summary

The MC a fugitive is running from the law in North Carolina and finds herself stealing a car in Texas. After breaking into a woman’s house, she is finally caught by the EBI. On the plane trip back to North Carolina, the plane crashes. The progress of the story ends with the survivors trying to figure out how to survive until help arrives.

This is my description currently.
Your plane crashes and you and several other survivors are stranded on a deserted island, You must survive and find a way off the island can you do it while keeping everyone else alive as well?

I know this could 100% be better but I have no ideas on what to change it to!

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You’re stranded on a deserted island after a plane crash among other survivors. Fighting to survive, will you find a way off the island?

( I know the description box doesn’t take a lot of space, hmm.)

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I like this one!

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Awesome :grin:

When your plane crashes and you’re left stranded along with (insert number of survivors) other survivors on a deserted island, you’re thrust into a game of survival. Will you ever find your way back home?

Your story sounds super interesting!