Need help with a good story description!

Hello guys! I’m a new author for writing a story on episode. I just started to write a story called Gold Love and i need a good story description for it.
So there are two daughters and a mother and their father passed away when they were quite young so they live with their mother. So one of the daughters is the MC and she studies in school. She has a boyfriend named tyler but eventually she breaks up with him cuz he wasnt treating her right. So the MC meets her sisters childhood friend named Dylan(LI) and they graduate together. They both get close and well known and the MC starts to go to a job
and she has to work with a cute guy who is another LI in the story. But one day the MC is forced to marry him because he is the mc’s mom’s childhood friend’s son. So basically there are 2 love interests.
I’ll really appreciate your guys help. :blush:


Hi I’d be happy to try and think of a description for u😊ok so I was thinking-

MC’S NAME just got out of a toxic relationship and is starting a new job but what happens when your mom’s childhood friends son works there and she falls in love with him and her sisters best friend?

-I understand if u don’t want to use it I just thought of something based on what other writers have put but could you tell me the name of the story to so I can read it cuz it sounds rlly interesting😁


Stuck in a toxic relationship, M/C finally breaks free. Her path then crosses with her sister’s childhood friend, and a cute co-worker. Forced to marry her co-worker, things start to get messy.

Don’t forget to tell me your story name so I can read it :slight_smile:


Heyy! Thank you for your feedback,it really helped me. Also this is my first time using the episode forums and you are the first one to give me a feedback on something and i reallyy reallyy appreciate it. The story name is gold love, i haven’t published it yet but i’ll make sure to let you know when its out or you can follow me on episode if you’d like @Blue lover once again thank you for your help and support🥰Screenshot_20201128-145241_Episode|230x500

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Thank youu for your idea i really appreciate it😊 Yes the story’s name is Gold love you can follow me on episode if you’d like, i already posted a screenshot of my profile. Once again thank you for your help🥰

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No problem and I can’t wait to read it good luck😊

Thank youu🥰

You’re very welcome :innocent:

if you don’t like it i hope you can use it as inspiration :wink:

MC has finally recovered her father’s death and a bad relationship and was thinking about loving again, but what happens when she is forced to marry the guy who broke her heart.

Good luck :kissing_heart:

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Oh and I followed u on episode my acc is @:smiling_imp:~Episode.Psycho~:smiling_imp:

Yes thank youuu​:sob::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Thank you for your help i really appreciate it🥰

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No problem and if u need anything else don’t worry just message me😊

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