Need help with a looping scene

I want a looping forest scene for my story but however I don’t understand how to code it
I found a scene that says looping but u just want to make sure

This thread will help you:

BTW some backgrounds have loop written in them but they don’t loop :joy:

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Unfortinatelly the EXT. FOREST LOOPING - DAY is not looping even it has a loop in name - so if you have used this one it is not your foult that it doesnt loop…but you can make it an overlay and use the walkthroug as Jem send you - just you have to make the overlay exct the size as in Daras template othervice it will not work.

I’ve looked on the website and I can’t find anything to help because I’m not wanting to add an overlay to my background

the point is to change your background to an overlay so the background will look the same but because it will be “overlay” you can animate it.

But it you dont want to do it than you will not hve looping forest because there is not looping forest background on the portal.

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