Need help with a mobile device issue

one of my readers said that when I put to rename some Characters that instead of saying her\ his name it’s says FIRSTNAME1 which is how I type it in my story but for some reason when I tested it on the app it did not end up like that so for and that’s the only complaint I got and I think it could be her phone I asked her but she said no so I’m going to try here to see what she could do to stop it from acting like that and she is usually busy with work and stuff so I don’t think she has time to make a topic about this so I’m doing this for her is there anyway I could tell her what she needs to do?

Is the display name of the character (FIRSTNAME1) ?

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Yes that’s one of my characters and what it she say is the name she named him and it shouldn’t say FIRSTNAME1 it should say the name she named him but it doesn’t do that for me when I tested it in the app I will sitment a ticket if I can’t get help here but most of the time I use @Dara.Amarie ’s stuff but when I did not know about it I just used @JosephEvans stuff but with this I just used the episode thing for it I don’t know what she couldn’t do I mean I think myself it’s could be her phone that makes it doing this I could also tell her to try to delete the app and then reinstall it that could be another thing about it other than that I don’t know :woman_facepalming:t2:

Yeah it might just be a glitch, it happens sometimes, was she the only person that it happened to?

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What’s the story name?

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the name of the story is my werewolf boyfriend LL.