Need help with a new title for my sport story …

i’ve changed a few things for my story as it was previously called blindside but since i changed the sport to basketball i can’t think of a good title . the story will be @ an hbcu college that i made up , it would have but if mafia plot on the side . arranged marriage , basketball and an cheerleader duo . her mother is an leader . yes strong female leader . if anyone want to help me that would be wonderful and appreciated !

Shoot The Shot
Over The Hoop

hmm, that’s all I got for now.


ngl i like those babes :pleading_face::black_heart:

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  • Play Ball
  • Dangerous Games
  • Play Me
  • Hoops, Courts and Trouble
  • A Dangerous Game (more mafia I guess tho?)
  • Basketballs and Business
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i love these thank yuuu ! :pleading_face::black_heart:

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Love in the court
Play ball
Hoops around my heart
all i can think of

Didnt even see this sorry

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i love those ! thank yu love ! :black_heart:

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Cool lmk what u decied

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