Need help with a pannable overlay. ASAP!

So, I am doing a kind of minigame and the readers have to pan the screen to find the musical notes (a tappable overlay) and click on them, but even if the bg is pannable correctly the musical notes overlay does not appear.
Here’s the script:

readerMessage Pan the screen to find where the music comes from. readerTitle Let’s see who it is!
readerMessage When you found the right spot, click on the musical notes!

@transition shade up white

tappable [pan:1:3] “CLEAR WATER” {
@overlay BLACK MUSICAL NOTES create
@overlay BLACK MUSICAL NOTE opacity 1
@overlay BLACK MUSICAL NOTES moves to layer 2
@overlay 5774984742567936_BLACK MUSICAL NOTES shifts to 676 203 in zone 3
@overlay 5774984742567936_BLACK MUSICAL NOTES scales to 0.640 0.640

Yes! They come from there!

readerMessage Good job! ; )
goto follow_musical_notes

label follow_musical_notes

Your overlay is off screen to the right. @cut to zone 3 and drag the overlay into the scene then copy the shift numbers again :blush: