Need help with a part of my story

Hey guys so I would like to do a laptop video chat but i dont know how to go about it in one of my stories. Does anyone know how to help me out

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Do you have the overlays?

no not really I dont know how to go about it

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Is this okay?

How it looks

Its fine but my vision was that two characters would be on screen one in a smaller square and another on the screen
I dont know if you get?
It doesnt have to be a laptop
The phone one is fine too

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I was doing this

But do you mean something like this

Yeah something like this but I want the overlay to fill the screen tho

Like…you don’t want the laptop to show? I don’t understand :smiling_face_with_tear:

Like this
Exacly this way

That’s a phone though

Yeah I know I just realized this would be better

I know a drive that has something like that but not the smaller box so I can do it for you, but to make it easier for me, send me the background of the person that would be in the bigger box


But could you help me do 2?
I want to do different pov

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Send the two backgrounds then

This is for one

The background is tiny and blurry.


Are they okay?

No, they’re very small. I can get the first bg but not the second because idk where it is from.