Need help with a Plot Idea

Does anyone have a plot idea that I could use for my story?

If I do end up using it, I will be sure to give credit :slight_smile:

I’m thinking fantasy.



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Do you mean like an overall idea or just something to move your plot along?

Overal idea

What genre do you want?

I can do any genre for plot ideas

Typically when I want some inspiration or ideas I look online for prompts and create something from there. Since I’m a weirdo and like Classic books like Pride and Prejudice or Little Women, I’d suggest getting one of those (or a book you might like) and retell it in a refreshing way. Maybe try to do a cliche but with a twist. Lately I thought about how cool it would be if someone were to have one of those “bad boy” cliches but reverse the genders. So instead of a mean girl, it’s a mean boy with his minions. It’s really up to you, since I’m not sure what genre you’d like.

Romance: Maybe instead of the usual cliche “falling in love” maybe a couple could fall OUT of love.
Fantasy: You moved into a new big house at a dirt cheap price. You really wished they mentioned that at the beginning of each month the house appears in another dimension…
Drama: In class you decide to scream as loud as you can in your head to catch mind readers. you notice your crush flinch a few desks over…

If you need ideas for other genres let me know. :wink:

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