Need help with a problem

So I basically don’t know how to make my character’s a smaller height while walking if that makes sense. Like if I was to make my character walk to a certain spot it would go small and then big or the other way round does anybody know how to make them small like always while walking.
Thanks for your help x

So you keep the first and last spot number then same as the first one
for example:
&ARABELLA LA CROIX faces left and ARABELLA LA CROIX moves to layer 1 and ARABELLA LA CROIX spot 1.061 168 116 in zone 2 then ARABELLA LA CROIX walks to spot 1.061 151 116 in zone 1 in 4 and ARABELLA LA CROIX does it while walk_exhausted_loop then ARABELLA LA CROIX is yawn_bored