Need help with a profile picture?


Well, backgrounds for examples are bedrooms or a living room, the characters would be in them. Normally the art scenes are for example, the character drawn doing something or two people kissing. There wouldnt be any episode “characters” added. That might have been a bit confusing but its as well as I can explain it.:slight_smile:


thank you that was a clear understanding


Hi this is kind of of topic sorry but I was wondering which art program you use


I use Paint Tool Sai :blush:












Can I send you character details? :slight_smile:


Tell me, when you need more information.


Hope that’s okay to you. And THANK YOU!


Normally what I do for people that don’t choose a background, I add a ombré background.


Oh okay


Is that ok? :blush:


Yes of course!
Thank you :relaxed:


PFP request for @JHW :purple_heart:


So so so sorry, I took a break so I wans’t here.
Thank you so much!! :blue_heart: