Need help with a scene


so I’m working on this scene were they are about to kiss but get interrupted. I would like this part of the scene to go as the male character takes a few steps closer to the female character then zoom in on both of them and have the male character facing her like they are about to kiss but hes just talking but they get interrupted so it zooms out. hopefully that makes sense haha


are you familiar with spot directing?




Make male character to walk slowly to the female character then place him rear and maybe make female character awkward and then zoom on them. Then when they get interrupted zoom out and make male to face forward and be surprised :thinking:


do I need to do any zones or layers?


Layers yes, put the female at layer -1 and male at layer 1, you can make this scene in one zone :slight_smile:


okay awesome thank you


Let me know if you need more help xxx


I will thanks!