Need Help With A Story? Here To Help!

Hey, so when I first joined Episode, I was totally oblivious as to what everything was.
I didn’t really know what the forums were, but if I did, I really wish I could’ve asked someone for help, so that’s what I’m here for!
Whether it’s help with coding, or help with a storyline or cover, I’m here to help! Ask me anything. (Episode related)

(feel free to help others as well!)

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Well I have plot and everything sorted but I could really use just some basic help! I don’t know anything on making a story. How to I make a text bubble that’s not spoken? How do I make someone speak? How do I use overlays? See I’m hopeless!

If @wishend will let me butt in, to create a thought bubble, write it like this:

(This will be in a thought bubble)

And to talk:

CHARACTER (animation)
This is how I talk.

Like @queenkhadijah999 said, thought bubble like that.
For another unspoken one, it’s:

Speech here.

For the character’s name to show, it’s:

Speech here.




@LunsMoon I would also suggest going on Joesph Evan’s YouTube channel, because it covers all the basics for a beginner (we’ve all been there) :slight_smile:

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Oh, totally! That’s where I learned almost everything.


Do you want me to give you a link

Okay so here are the answers to your questions @LunsMoon :

  1. How to make a text bubble that’s not spoken?
    This is called a Narrator bubble and to create it just use the following code:

Your Text Here

And if you want someone to say the narrator bubble then use this:

Your Text Here

  1. How to make someone speak?
    So to make someone speak or think something use this code:

CHAR NAME (behavior)
What you want them to say

To make them think something

CHAR NAME (behavior)
(Your Text Here)

  1. How to use overlays?
    To use overlays you upload them to your art catalog and for more information, here’s a link to an awesome guide by @Dara.Amarie that’ll help you:
    A Guide to Using & Animating OVERLAYS

I suggest tagging or replying to the right person, so the thread can be organized and we know who you’re talking to. :slight_smile:


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Thanks. :smiley:

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I don’t know of any way to remove it. The stories that don’t have it are officially made by Episode, and the ones that do are by the community. (At least that’s what I know)

No problem!

Could you give me a template with a few food options for dinner? I’m rly stuck

Could you be a it more specific? Like, just the choices or have the MC actually get the food?

They actually get food

so the Mom skes what the kid wants for dinner and they both need to eat


MC (animation)
What do I want to eat?

@add Food to MC
@add Food to MC

Replace food with whatever prop you want to resemble the food the MC picked.