Need help with a story idea!

I need help with a story idea, The category I want is fantasy (about vampires and witches only) I have a title idea I just don’t have any ideas at all. If anyone replies I’ll appreciate it so much.

what’s your title?

Living Off The Living

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Do you thinks its an okay title?

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Do you have a description for it?

I have a wee idea that the human MC starts gaining vampire abilities because the vampire gene was in her, so she starts loosing her human apatite, her hearing starts to get more advanced, she gradually gets faster when she runs, she starts to smell blood and then she starts to crave blood, but she refuses to give in her human abilities so because she isn’t eating (because she lost her apatite for blood) she starts to get weak but her great great grandfather comes into the picture and gives out information that theres a cure for it before she fully does turn, but her great great grandfather was actually the bad guy. and all through that the love interest fits in.

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Do you think its different from everyone elses?

That does sound interesting, what helps me get ideas for a story is looking deep into all things in the story. For example, how does the MC have the vampire gene? What side of the family is it from? Was the cure created by Witches? If it is, what’s the name of the spell? What is the incantation that activates the spell? Is the love interest a human, vampire or witch? Is the MC’s great great grandfather an immortal vampire? Looking deeply in your story just automatically gives you ideas🙂

Also yes, I read many stories on the app and I never seen anything like this. It’s very unique👍

Thank you, I’ll definitely look deeper into the story! <3

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You’re welcome🙂

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It’s unique so that makes it good.

Thank you, I appreciate that so much!

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Also whenever you publish it, you can let me know and I’ll give it a read with feedback.

Yeah sure! Whats your insta?

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It’s jewels_episode

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Did you need ideas still if so just for your one or new idea for a story

I was just seeing if anyone could help with twist and turns that are so unexpected

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