Need help with a story name


I need help bro

Creating a new story and I can’t think of any names!

Tis about :
You recently transfer to a new school to meet the infamous bad boy Mason Riggs with a deadly smirk, Will you be able to resist him or will his devilish grin trap you?

I need a name like including his smile cos that’s a theme!


Devilish boy?


A Certain Smirk
Killer Smirk
Smirking Devil

Just some that i thought of :sweat_smile:


A smile to kill for… how is this for title?


Dangerous Smile






Typical Bad boy
Bad Boy game
His smirk, my death
My bad boy
Mr. Devilish
Meeting the Devil
Devils evil game
My boy, my bad boy

:joy: these all sound stupid


Thank you for your help!!