Need Help With a Story (not an episode one tho oops)

HI OKAY so I’m writing a fanfiction (because I’m a nerd stuck in 6th grade) but I’m very conflicted! The original games I’m basing this on are based in Japan so all of the characters have japanese names. When I started writing the story I decided to base it in America bc I didn’t want to go through the trouble of naming all of the characters with japanese names and accidentally offending someone or something, so all of the characters have “American” names (like european names I guess?? You know what I mean whatever) but now I’m wondering if I should stick to the source material and rename all of my characters so they have japanese names??? I already have two renamed and really like the names, but I’m also super attached to the other character names and have no clue what to change them to. Like their first names fit so well and I don’t want to change them but I kind of do and like my changed names UGH.

Not changing the names would probably be better because their names really fit them and I have a hard time coming up with good ideas for japanese names BUT I also want to follow the source material so then the “lore” or whatever makes more sense and also because I really like my japanese names that I picked out.

WHATEVER what do you guys think please help I’m STRUGGLING.

  • Keep the original “american” names you dummy
  • Change the names to japanese names you absolute dunce

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I know this isn’t an option listed on the poll, but you could try looking up the meaning of the original Japanese names and then try picking a name that means something similar in English. That way the characters will still honor the lore while also fitting the American setting. :wink:


I’ll try that! Thanks!

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I remeber middle school!

Best years of my life.

I believe we are not allowed to write fan-fiction of any kind on Episode and it has to be our content- our own stories we come up with. For example, I love Dragon Age so much, but would not make a fan-fic story about it on Episode because it is not my content nor do any of the characters belong to me- having a fan-fic story has the possibility of it getting banned.


I’m not writing it on episode. It says that in the title of the topic lol. I’m writing it on another website made for fanfiction, so no worries!

My bad, this is why it’s not a good idea to help out in the middle of the night when you’re sleepy :joy: Smh, I completely overlooked the title! I won’t make that mistake again, I hope.
You probably already knew that but maybe some other people will learn that’s a rule.
And good luck with your story! :heart:

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OKAY SO I’VE DECIDED TO CHANGE ALL OF THE NAMES TO JAPANESE! I have 5 out of 15 characters named so far! I have first names for some other ones but it’s a journey man. Thanks to you guys for the help!

Some Americans people live in Japan and Japanese people live in America. So mix both ^^ people with Occidental names and other with Japanese names

That’s what I’m doing! One of my characters is from switzerland so her name is swiss (idk why I felt the need to explain that ok) and some of my characters are going to have “american” first names and japanese surnames and vice versa.

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Where will you publish it? Wattpad?

Fanfic with a J-pop/J-pop band? Or another celebrity?

Currently I’m writing it on Quotev bc that was my first account on a writing website, so I’ll probably publish it there, but maybe I’ll get a wattpad too, especially since it’s pretty popular. It’s based off of a game series called Danganronpa! It’s kind of a murder mystery game? Hard to explain, but very good!

Didn’t know about it (website + game) haha! Well if you want people to check it out once it’ll be published I don’t mind reading it :slight_smile:

I’ll let you know when I get the first few chapters up! The issue with writing a story based on this game is that there’s SO much planning involved before you even begin writing. Hopefully I’ll be able to finish a few chapters by the end of my summer vacation!

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Good luck!!

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