Need help with a story title


Hiya this is a kinda random question i know but I’m having trouble coming up with a story title. The story’s about a girl who was brought up in a government experiment Academy . They basically brainwashed young girls to becoming assassins. She gets out of the acadimy and becomes a governmenment spy. She has a new (super cute :wink: ) partner and has a mission to seduce and assassinate this guy. But her past keeps coming back to haunt her. I originally called it “ the Academy” but that’s a bit dull. I would really love some help xx


Here are some suggestions. Note, I’m not good with naming things myself :sweat_smile:

  1. The Experiment
  2. Assassination Destination
  3. [The] Government Spy
  4. My Life as a Government Spy
  5. Partner in Crime


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Here are my suggestions!
Deadly Seduction
Hide and Sin

  1. Lights off
  2. Hidden Thoughts
  3. Mission Accepted
  4. Mission On
  5. Ready or not?
  6. Secret Assassins


Hay girl I’m loving deadly seduction thanks soo much xx :kissing_heart:


You’re welcome :sparkling_heart:


Hi! I’ve come up with this title but I realized I can’t use it! And I think it fits your story.

Now I sound like a desperate creep horse chewing a chicken with pepper.

This: Secrets and Lies


No you don’t :joy: thank you everyone for your suggestions xx

  1. Untold Darkness!
  2. A Darkness for Government
  3. Spy on Government.

Those are my idea, well I’m writing like this only but a quit different, I’m writing a story called “Untold Darkness”


No problem! :smile:


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