Need help with a story title

Hiya this is a kinda random question i know but I’m having trouble coming up with a story title. The story’s about a girl who was brought up in a government experiment Academy . They basically brainwashed young girls to becoming assassins. She gets out of the acadimy and becomes a governmenment spy. She has a new (super cute :wink: ) partner and has a mission to seduce and assassinate this guy. But her past keeps coming back to haunt her. I originally called it “ the Academy” but that’s a bit dull. I would really love some help xx

Here are some suggestions. Note, I’m not good with naming things myself :sweat_smile:

  1. The Experiment
  2. Assassination Destination
  3. [The] Government Spy
  4. My Life as a Government Spy
  5. Partner in Crime
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Here are my suggestions!
Deadly Seduction
Hide and Sin

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  1. Lights off
  2. Hidden Thoughts
  3. Mission Accepted
  4. Mission On
  5. Ready or not?
  6. Secret Assassins
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Hay girl I’m loving deadly seduction thanks soo much xx :kissing_heart:

You’re welcome :sparkling_heart:

Hi! I’ve come up with this title but I realized I can’t use it! And I think it fits your story.

Now I sound like a desperate creep horse chewing a chicken with pepper.

This: Secrets and Lies

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No you don’t :joy: thank you everyone for your suggestions xx

  1. Untold Darkness!
  2. A Darkness for Government
  3. Spy on Government.

Those are my idea, well I’m writing like this only but a quit different, I’m writing a story called “Untold Darkness”

No problem! :smile:

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