Need help with a story

Do you like cliché High School stories? Do you hate them? A friend of mine needs help with her story, would you be willing to help her? DM me if you would!

What type of help?

She’s writing a story that is both a defense and an argument against clichés (Like, what if we put all these high school clichés in one school, but in a real setting. Why would these clichés come to be, and how.), so she needs help with all things cliché. Determining if certain ideas are cliché, if they aren’t, and if the people would like them. :slight_smile:

One cliche is, Jocks and Cheerleaders run the school and everyone praises them!

She knows that, she’s just looking for people to bounce ideas off of :sweat_smile: I think
(She doesn’t have a Forum account so I’m trying to help, but… :sweat_smile:)


when people have a certain group they hang out with

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