Need help with a stuck episode

Can anyone please help one of my readers who said they are stuck on one of the episodes in the dressing game what do I do? Do I update that episode again? It worked fine for the other readers.

Can you upload a screenshot of the code of the dressing game?

some phones can’t handle tappables - so it can be problem of his device.
If it works for others than the code is not the problem.

He should exit completly the game * restart it and see if it works if not he should contact the episode technical support - they might have an idea what he has to so.

If you republish it will send him back to start of the chapter he is in (as every other reader) but if its the problem of the device he will anyway get stuck again.

Other problem might be he in not on phone but on tablet and you have put some of the overlays or choices so he doest see them on screen - so check if all overlays and all choices are inside the “tabplet size”

Please see the coding picture I posted on top. She did restart but it didn’t help. And she never had this problem before

as said if it works for other readers without problem - than the coding works.

Have you tested it in your app - does it work for you?

Yes works for me and that’s episode 7 my story is at 26

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