Need help with a template please

I really need 6 people to stand in zone 2, but it’s really hard since I don’t really understand labels completely
Does anyone have a template I can use? 6 people standing, 3 on the left side faces right and 3 on the right side facing left?

Hi I do not have a template but you do not need labes for that - did you mean layers?

Oh yes sorry

how about this? You just have to replace all the names with your characters (watch out there are the names always 3 times in the line).

&MARBEL spot 1.280 287 0 AND MARBEL faces left AND MARBEL moves to layer 3
&DAMIEN spot 1.260 248 5 AND DAMIEN faces left AND DAMIEN moves to layer 2
&CJ spot 1.242 203 10 AND CJ faces left AND CJ moves to layer 1
&RAIN spot 1.242 123 10 AND RAIN faces right AND RAIN moves to layer 1
&SEXY spot 1.260 89 5 AND SEXY faces right AND SEXY moves to layer 2
&EAGLE spot 1.280 37 0 AND EAGLE faces right AND EAGLE moves to layer 3

also layers are actually pretty simple …
.the more is character closer to the screen the higher layer he is at

that means the one on layer 2 will be always infront the one on layer 1 but behind the one on layer 3

also this might help to understand them

Thank you so, so much!

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Marked as solved and closed. Thanks all! :lock: :v: