Need help with a title for my storyy

I need help with a title for my mafia story. Yes I know another mafia story but who doesn’t like mafia stories. anyways the description is …
New York has always been your home but lately it’s becoming a mystery, a mystery of your father, of your mother and even your own self, but what if a mystery stranger come in and makes things even worse.

Please help if you can. Any title names will help.

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Here are some options…

  1. Mysteries Within-cause within you and your family
  2. Mystery City -cause new york is a city

I’m not good at this but I’ll try

  • A mysterious change
  • Surrounded by mysteries
    Or you just call it:
  • The mysterious stranger :wink:
  • Strange mysteries
  • Aggravate mysteries ( because it gets even worse when the mysterious stranger enters the story :woozy_face:)

Well I can’t think of any more right now but I hope I could help you a little! Succes with your story :heart:


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