Need help with a title. (Sorry if in wrong category...)


Hey, I’m writing a story about a girl living in the shadows of her best friend. Like all best friends live in the shadows of the mc. (I’m a forums noob…:neutral_face:)


-Cover in the Dark
-Friends in the Shadows

  • The Shades of Friends
  • Obscurity
  • Backside Friends

idk, just thinking of some.

Some tips to find good titles is using:

  • For shadowing (something that will tell what will happen)
  • A name
  • A popular expression or short quote highlighting a short part or 1 a 2 words
  • A title can be a play on words.
  • A title can have a hidden meaning
  • A title can be an “event” or “activity.”
  • A title can be a memorable line from the story itself.

Maybe you’ll find it interesting to find some websites and information on what makes a story title work

I learned a lot from people and sites.
This is one I read not so long ago:

Hope this will help you and good luck with your story


Beyond her shadow


Living her her shadow


Thanks!!! I will check it out.


Thank you!


Your welcome! :slight_smile: