Need help with a title

i suck at thinking up names and titles.

its about a girl who can control people with her eyes and her eyes turn blue

i dont want to say what else without ruining my story of what happens

No one can name your story without knowing anything at all about it.

Make it by yourself!

i was saying give me ideas jeez

The powers within?
Like @m-d said you haven’t included any details so how can we help you.

hmm, this is a tricky one

Azure Iris?

I don’t know, maybe you should add more details.

From the little you’ve told, I’d go with Blue Eyes. Since the power lays in her eyes(?) and you were specific in telling that they turn blue. It’s short and it’s telling without revealing to much.
Else you could always go with the name of the MC.


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Navy eyes?

Also this sounds like a really cool story.

Sometimes people give choice/s to name/s the mc/'s. You can never really know…

Puissant Eyes

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the reason with little detail cause if you read it you would know whats it is about

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Maybe “Through her eyes” ?


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