Need Help With A Title!


Hello eveyone I am in need of a good title!

This story is based off of a forums marriage…but I don’t want the title to be have “forum” in it! Just because the story will be a little different!

I will make sure to credit you in my story!

Much Love,


What’s it about? …Other than marriage.


yes we need more information. and wdym a forums marriage? is it an episode story?


@Lizard @Januva yes I’m sorry I was not clear…
It is basicly gonna be an online relationship…and then eventually later in like thy will meet up! I will kind of a comedy/romance type of story! I hope this helps!


And yes it is a story!


Online to Marriage

Online meet up

Friends irl too?


Ohhh I like them…I will definitely consider them


Distance Between Us
Virtually Love


Blind Marriage ?:joy:


Good ideas!


That’s a good name


Online Love
Loving Virtual
Love Connection


Omg such good I ideas


The Internet Led Me to My Love :thinking:

I know, I’m bad at coming up with story titles but I try :sob::sweat_smile: