Need help with a vertically looping background

Hello dear episodians,
I am trying to code a looping background, precisely a road. But it’s not horizontally looped. What I mean is episode’s available bgs and Dara Amarie’s guide is for horizontally looping background, but what I’m looking for is a vertically looping one. Like my car will start from a starting point, then it’ll go to a distant vertical point.
Can someone please help me with it? Thank you. :blush:


Thank you, I will try this approach.

I’m looking for something like this.

That looks like a gif, because you can’t loop a background other then vertically or horizontally. I think that template may be in Mary’s pateron or whatever its called…you need to pay a subscription to have access to it I believe…try looking for free gifs.

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Thank you. I’ll look for GIFs then.

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