Need help with advanced choices (choices within choices)

Hi Guys,

I don’t know if anyone can help, but…
I kind of want to do a choice, within a choice, within a choice, and I have a problem with my script where it says ‘’ choice must follow a dialogue immediately, not a branch’’

My problem is, that I can’t figure out what to correct, when I look at it, I do see a dialogue after each choice.

I’ve put in 3 pictures of the code, the first two are the beginning of the code, and the last is the end of the code. there are actually also code in between, but it’s says the same as photo 2.

the error are in the first photo at the ‘‘whiskey’’ choice

I hope someone can help, and that I have explained it well enough, otherwise let me know. it’s really hard to explain actually :sweat_smile:

219+220: Remove lines 219 and 220

On line 253, you will need to have dialogue below the } and above the choice" Whiskey". I would suggest using a goto.

aaah I see it now.

THANK you so much! :grinning:

I actually got another question about the same code.

When I play it through now, I’m only able to choose one option. For instance the choice the reader has to make is weather to ‘’ try and flirt, and pretend you know something about wine’’ or ‘‘play it safe, and say you are clueless’’. But I can only choose the try and flirt one, within that one, I can only choose whiskey, and not soda nor wine and so on.

Do you know what I need to do with the code, so alle the option shows?

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