Need help with ADVANCED directing

Hey guys! I was working on my thriller story and I needed help with advanced directing

  1. In the story Hollywood icon the author allows the readers to drag around the zones which I have heard is really advanced and I would love to do something similar in my story! Can someone plz tell me how!?
  2. I want to do a scene where the door swings open really fast and closes really fast someone please help?!
  3. also I need a spot template it would be highly appreciated if someone could make it 4 me
    It has to be on a plain wood flooring ( 1 zone )
    And 5 characters sitting in a circle? Like a nice circle
    Lmao can someone help?
    U can use overlays in this To make them cross legs etc
    But normal animations can work too
    If U know the answers to any of the questions please comment them down below pm me
    Here are a few people I am tagging
    ( i am so sorry if u don’t like to be tagged ) plz ignore
  1. For the first question you might find some answers here (under section 3 :ok_hand::wink:) :
  1. The easier way to do it is to create two of the same backgrounds but one with an open door and one with a closed door.

  2. May I know your character details?

And is this background okay?