Need help with an art scene

i know its very hard to find an artist and i am not the only one searching but is someone disponible for an art scene ? doesnt matter how much it takes , thanks :heart_decoration:

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@FlowerGriefer or @Orangeweedie1998 are either of you up to help?


it depends on what it is. and more importent how long you are with your story

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I’d like to help but I don’t do drawn art :see_no_evil: :v: :tulip:

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an art scene of an special moment with 2 characters. if you have time let me know! :heart:

Hi! Please give more details! And here is a list of open art shops! Just remember no Thread hopping! This is disrespectful to both Artists involved, and your request will be ultimately denied!

Happy Requesting!! :hugs:

List Of Open Art Shops!


I can help :wink: if you still wanted it @acaciacreator

Ty @Danielle318 :kissing_heart: for recommending

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