Need help with an idea for a story?

I need help with an idea for my story?


Huh? I don’t really understand…

My dad helped me draw some if that’s what your referring too :thinking:

And if that’s not what you mean: sorry I live in a rock :sob:

If you’re gonna lie at least do it right :skull:

I’m not lying!

I don’t know what my dad use or anything but he does my art for me!

He does every art thing for me… maybe he did something maybe he didn’t! I don’t know and you can’t just accuse me of lying without knowing anything of what really happened.

  1. If your dad did the art then it’s his art, not yours.
  2. You used a filter for the drawings.
  3. “your” art style bounces back and forth. Not saying that artist cant have more than one art style and the way you color doesn’t link up with the last sketch.

and if it is your art, mind showing the sketch?

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I am not here to hate, but this art was not done by you or your father.
These are screenshots from the websites PNGWave and Rawpixel:
Screenshot from Rawpixel

The problem with this is that you are taking royalty free art created by people to benefit creators. So please do not try to take credit from other creators, it takes away the hard work they inputted into their pieces.

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I would be glad to help you create your own overlay pieces, hope you have a good day!

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Girl if you gonna lie make it believable…:woman_facepalming:t5:

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It lowkey looks like these were swiped of Pinterest :skull:.

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Yes totally :skull_and_crossbones:

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My dad is teaching me how to draw.

Every artwork belongs to him!

I don’t know the meaning of fliters as I don’t care to know them or anything. I have been an outsider to the world for long

I didn’t even know: Instagram, tiktok , episode or any other apps excited until my brother told me so!

You can’t accuse someone of lying without knowing the full story

It’s probably just confusing because in your first post you said that you made the overlays and drawing. I suggest changing that so everyone will immediately understand that it’s actually from your dad :wink:

What app do you use for painting and doing the overlays?

Is not mine! Like I said it’s my father

Everything was my father! he helps me with stuff as I basically clueless with the world!

Just because you don’t know anything about me… doesn’t give you the right to call me a liar!

And if it were true, why were all the Pinterest images which you claim your father sketched deleted now…?

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