Need help with an intro


Hi Guys, I need an intro for my story
Like a background intro so i can make my characters Enters in it ( idk if you understand what i mean)
If you can do it for free please PM me :wink:


You want a background like thing example a wallpaper thingy.


Do you have an example so I can understand better what you mean? I think I understand but just to be sure


Yes, like the one with te boy and the girl


Oh okay, I didn’t make that though my good episode friend @Bethany1 made it for me. She is good at it, idk if she could possibly help you with one.


Oh okay
I hope so


I can try to help. :blush:


Thank you.:blue_heart:


Ok, just let me know what you need , to do it and I’ll send them😉


Just all the details.


I PM you the details