Need Help With Animation Vampire Bite Code

Hm, the hot guy is moving but Jarlath isnt. He is doing the animation already but not moving.

EXT. MISTY GAZEBO - NIGHT with FOG in zone 3
@cut to zone 3
&overlay 4622412012584960_FOG shifts to -50 -2240 in zone 3
&overlay 4622412012584960_FOG scales to 8.236 8.236 in zone 3
&overlay FOG opacity 1 in 0
@JARLATH moves to layer -2
@HOT GUY moves to layer -5
@JARLATH stands screen right AND JARLATH faces right AND JARLATH is biteneck_give_aggressive_rear
@HOT GUY stands screen center AND HOT GUY faces right AND HOT GUY is biteneck_receive_terrified

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@Dara.Amarie @JemU776 @Jade.epi @RudeInception @Apes

Your coding is all correct, but I’d try to make it smoother by including some transitions to open the scene.

EXT. MISTY GAZEBO - NIGHT with FOG to 8.236 -50 -2240 in zone 3
&cut to zone 3
&JARLATH stands screen right and JARLATH moves to layer -2 and JARLATH faces right
&HOT GUY stands screen center and HOT GUY moves to layer -5 and HOT GUY faces right
@transition fade in black 1
&JARLATH is biteneck_give_aggressive_rear
@HOT GUY is biteneck_receive_terrified

What I’ve found is that the first character if there’s no transition is already doing the animation but not moving as you said.

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Thanks. :heart:

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@Nick/@Sydney_H close. :heavy_heart_exclamation::sunglasses:

Closed: Marked as solved by Op @lanafrazer_episode :v: