Need help with animation?

Umm… so I’ve read stories and I’m an author on episode, and you know the animation that gives you this

I know some authors do the action but not but the camera on them, but there are other authors like evil.ebonni who makes the characters instantly do that, is there a hidden animation I should know about, PLEASE HELP!! And this one

its at the end of flirt_fingersnap (second one) and the other one is at the end of shush (first one)

First one is shush then the second one is flirt_fingersnap, but there are authors who do it instantly without the camera moving , idk if it’s an overlay so yeh

And yeah the I usually put a duplicate character offscreen and then I make them do the animation. Then I just remove the character on stage and replace it with the character offstage

But when you put the character off stage and you code spot **** wouldn’t the character do the animation idle

while the character is doing an animation onstage make the character offstage do the animation so it already has the funny face when you replace the character onstage with the one offstage

Hopefully this make sense

look @ this thread by the wonderful @JemU776 HOW TO: Get The End of An Animation

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Thanks for linking, you’re wonderful, too :kissing_cat:

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