Need help with animations for a scene

Hey guys, So I’m writing my story and I need an animation that will allow my character to like fall like falling from a high place, e.g falling from a stair case but I cant find any animation.

Try this one.

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OMG… :grin:Thanks a lot

Wait do I have to credit u, i can credit you if u want.

Also do you know how to make a character go like super fast like for a vampire kind

@CHARACTER walks to spot x y z in zone W in 1 and CHARACTER does it while run_super_speed_loop

Anything under 1 is fast.

X y z is your spot directing as to where you want them to end up at

W is whatever zone you want them to go to

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What do you mean anything under one is fast

Anything above 1 is slow

So if you want your character to run fast 1 or 0.9 and under is fast


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