Need help with animations


Hey guys. I need some help.
Does anyone know how to make animations go faster?
For example punching. I want someone to punch really fast and I tried:
@CHARACTER is punch_jab in 2
But that didnt work. I really need the help guys.


I’m not sure I never tried that out yet, but you said in 2, originally the animation takes like 1 second so try maybe 0.5? I’m not 100% sure as I’ve never tried to make an animation go faster, so if it doesn’t work you might not be able to make it go faster.


I’ve seen a lot of stories where the punching goes really fast, so it is possible. When I write 0.5 or any number It says it’s an invalid directing command. Thank you tho.


Sorry that I couldn’t help :frowning:


You need to use the pause command:

&CHARACTER is animation
@pause for 0.5 (or less/more seconds, depends how fast you want this to go)


Thank you very much!


You’re welcome :grin:


Ok so I tried and it doesn’t work. ANybody else know how to do this?


You can’t make animations faster or slower. But you can make the next animation happen before the character finishes the current animation.

&CHARACTER starts animation1
@pause for 0.7
@CHARACTER is animation2


Thank you very much!