Need help with background

I need help to make the bars png i got permission to use this background and i need help making the bars png with the back ground


Can you explain more?
Where do you need the bar?

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sorry different time zones but i just want the background by the bars to be png to so it will look like characters can walk and sit behind the bars

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Try at us

Do you have some picture of a bar?

pv1_back_INT__CVU_CAFETERIA_INSIDE_BLAKISH_DAY_5807396467048448_0a3966aca1f2ecf3ca3716f90a77c177 it’s kinda just this it’s like i want it to be a background overlay so characters can walk and sit behind the bars

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I still don’t understand :woozy_face:

ok example so say a character is in jail he is behind the bars that basically what i want for the bars to be png

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You want to remove the bars right?

not really i want the bars to stay but the back ground by the bars to be removed

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Oh okkkkkkk got you.

How’s this??

Or this.

perfect thank you

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No problem :two_hearts:

hi, sorry for interrupting, who is the owner of that background, cause I can’t remember the name :((