Need help with backgrounds

Hey. I just got over with writing a chapter and i was thinking of getting of a background cover, and i seriously im lost because i dont know what else is required and how to get it done.
Can someone please help me here.?

Moved to Art Resources since it sounds like you’re asking for background art. Let me know if I’m wrong and we can move it back! :smiley: Also make sure to check out our Forum Tutorial for more info about where to correctly create topics, and feel to ask me if there are any questions. :wink:


thank you

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@Chelsea1304 What is you need to know

thank you

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I would like to get background covers for my story.
Can You tell me where can i contact the artists?
Thank you

I can try help :slight_smile:

Thats amazing.Thank you so much. What all you require?

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Np babe, what do you want the backround to be? :kissing_heart:

@Chelsea1304 Do you want examples? :3

That would be awesome.

Ok so if you don’t mind going on to my art shop. I have examples there because my tablet which I normally work on is charging. So I can’t post examples. I’m really sorry

That’s okay. but where can i find your art shop?

If you click on my profile, then click topics it should be there. (Caela’s Art Shop :slight_smile: OPEN)

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They are pretty sick mann.
awesome work.
Can you work on something with guns and empty warehouse in the background?
What you think?

Yeah no problem!!
Do you want characters in the backround??

@Chelsea I’ll try finish it today but please fill out the details:

Story Name: (Is what you want a cover??)
Author Name: (OPTIONAL)
Character Details: Hair, hair color, eyes, eye color, ec
Character Outfit:
Story Style: (Limelight or Ink)
Character Animation
When you want it done: e.g tomorrow

YEA i would like my lead to be there

Ok whats their details

Ill send you in like 5 minutes?