Need help with branching

Hello Episodians,
I’m facing a little problem here, my else function doesn’t working. Can anyone please tell me what’s wrong here? Thank you.

How will you like to tell RK the reason of your arrival?
“Give him full details.”{
INDU (talk_armscrossed_sad_loop)
Being a |bold| Heroine in Bollywood has been my biggest dream of life.
INDU (talk_neutral_loop)
In Rajasthan, I didn’t get many chances but Baba-saa has been very supportive.
&INDU is talk_awkward_loop
@speechbubble is 154 230 to 94%
And I told him everything.
To my utmost surprise, he didn’t seem to react differently.
It seemed like he already knew everything and I was just confirming that.
@RK +1
readerMessage RK appreciates that you trusted him. RK +1
} “Keep it short.”{
@speechbubble is 111 291 to 97% with tail_top_left
INDU (talk_neutral_loop)
I have always wanted to be a heroine.
INDU (talk_shrug_concerned)
And I believe here I’ll get more opportunities.
&INDU is idle_armscrossed_neutral_loop

@pause for 2

if (RK>0){
#very good response from rk and he’ll help you in future.
@speechbubble is 216 306 to 81% with tail_top_right
RK (talk_explain_neutral)
Just remember that I’ll always support you.
RK (talk_armsraised_neutral)
If you ever need an ear, I’m here for you.
RK (talk_armscrossed_shrug_neutral)
I may not be your father, but you can talk to me about anything and everything.
@speechbubble is 105 289 to 80% with tail_top_left
INDU (talk_agree_happy)
Thank you for your generosity.
INDU (talk_neutral)
I’m glad that I’ve got you by my side.
@speechbubble is 206 306 to 81% with tail_top_right
#indifferent response from rk
RK (talk_armscrossed_neutral_loop)
I’ll do everything in my power to help you.
RK (talk_shrug_neutral)
Just let me know if you ever need anything.
INDU (talk_neutral)
Thank you.
INDU (talk_armscrossed_shrug_neutral)
I appreciate it.

i would just replace the ‘else’ with if (RK=0){

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in my opinion you have all right

check in the story modifiers / character points if you have set the points right for the testing - if you preview it again without refreshing page or without manualy making the points back to 0 the portal will keep +1 point - and then the else option will not work - but ist only because you repeatedly returned to the same place without reseting the points


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Thank you so much, I understood my mistake. :blush: :heart:

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