Need Help With Car Overlay With People In It


Hi. I need help with the car overlay on how to make the car body facing straight right and even moving as well from one place to another off scene with people inside the car. I’ve already looked over some templates and help here but I’m a bit stuck.

Here are my script:

And here are the preview of it:


You need to place the car offscreen and people inside it, like you did on screen


How can I do that?


You have to zoom out the scene, and do exactly what you did when you place them on screen then use shifts to command (so they car will drive off)


Alright. I’ll see how it is. Thank you very much!


I can see you read my guide :slight_smile: check the part when I place the car and the character offscreen :slight_smile: it works the same for driving off


Lol, yes I did. Which it is very helpful but I never expected you who wrote the guide will comment here. Once again, thank you very much though :slightly_smiling_face:


Let me know if you need more help :slight_smile: