Need help with certain customizations

Hey, so I need help with something.

I have a male character here that is a vampire. I need to figure out how to have the reader choose the vampire mouths in a chapter. just the mouths no other customization.

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I did something like that for customisations for my story i asked the reader what mouth they wanted that can be turned into a fangs and just named the choice do you want to see what i did for my script :slight_smile:

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yes please.

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i will also credit it you

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Alright give me one sec :slight_smile:

its limelight btw. not sure if that matters

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is there also a way just to have it without the readers to choose

You can either make the mouth customisable by the 2 options or pick i let the readers pick

And then i just change the mouth then change it back

do you know the code for that

Yes what i put for my script was

Label Choose_Mouth
What mouth shape would you like him to have?

Choice (mouth_levi)
“Full Lower Lip Sharp“ {
@CHAR changes mouth into Full Lower Lip Sharp
“Medium Heart“ {

@CHAR changes mouth into Medium Heart



No problem!

To change between the vampire fangs and a regular mouth just do something like this in your script

if (mouth_levi is “Full Lower Lip Sharp”) {
@CHAR changes mouth into Full Lower Lip Sharp Vampire Fangs
else {
@CHAR changes mouth into Medium Heart Vampire Fangs

feel free to change the name of the choice and label :blue_heart:

Ok. Thanks again

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No problem let me know if you need any more help :grin: