Need help with character entering screen

So I need help with having my character enter the screen because when I have The character enter the screen and walk to the spot # at first she walks there fine but then she slides to the spot. I just want her to walk to the spot. Can anyone help me?


You have done wrong texts so that is the problem. Go to utube and see the Joseph Evans videos to see how the right texts are written. I also done that way. Pls read my story it is if I can’t have you

No like Ik how they are written but when I tried doing

@/ARTEMIS enters from left to screen center AND ARTEMIS walks to spot # it didn’t work.

Use @ for the command

Instead of AND try THEN ARTEMIS walks to spot % X Y

Also you have @transition fade out black under the background and music. Much smoother to write @transition fade in black

U have to delete the & symbol where it says face right

I tried that it didn’t help tho

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I did what u said but now instead she sorta goes goes to the right and then walks to the spot without doing the animation and then does it and slides :pensive:

If you enter from left, and want to walk to a certain spot, then you don’t have to put screen center unless you want there to be a pause in between. In that case, you separate the two actions and put them on different lines.

so that would look something like :
@ARTEMIS enters from left to screen center
@pause for a beat
@ARTEMIS walks to spot % X Y in s

the other way would look like :
@ARTEMIS enters from left to spot % X Y in s

If your character slides while doing an animation, that means that the animation isn’t meant to do to both at the same time. You would have to separate the two on different lines. It depends on what animation you’re using though.


Sorry i cant test it out atm :sweat:

Can also do:

&ARTEMIS spot 0.675 X 297 in zone 1 at layer -4 AND ARTEMIS faces right

@ARTEMIS walks to spot 0.675 182 297 in 8 AND ARTEMIS does it while walk_scared_flashlight

Place her offscreen left and replace the middle number (X) with a different value so that when she walks into the scene, she does so smoothly and in a straight line.

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Yes I did and it didn’t work

Tysm for your help, it worked!

Ty for your help and no worries I got it to work :hugs:

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So happy to hear that, glad I could help. :blush:

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@Sydney_H or @Jeremy can you close this thread?

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Which story are you making please tell me so I can read it

It’ll be out today in the afternoon :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Actually I live in India so it is 9:17 pm here so it will probably publish at 2:00 am here

Oop haha dang

Closed t request of Op. Thanks @xetic :lock: