Need help with character entrance on background INT. BAKERY - DAY

Hey guys, I have this little scene in the bakery and I want the guy to stand next to my main MC and look a little taller than her so I entered “@ETHAN walks to spot 1.388 50 0 in zone 1 AND ETHAN faces right” but when I go to preview he enters from the right and I want him to enter from the left, do you guys know how to fix this?
This is the script


sound door_shopbell

@YOU walks to spot 1.280 130 11 in zone 1

@BARISTA stands screen right AND BARISTA faces left

    BARISTA (talk_greet_neutral)
Hi and welcome to Moonscape Cafe, what would you like today?

    YOU (think_rubchin)
I'll have a Caramel Frappe with extra caramel drizzle, please.

    YOU (talk_think_neutral)
Also, are you guys hiring?

    BARISTA (talk_agree_happy)
That'll be $3.50, and as a matter of fact, yes we are.

    YOU (talk_excited_happy)
Perfect! Where can I apply?

    BARISTA (talk_exclaim_yes_happy)
I'll bring you the form right now!

@BARISTA exits right

@YOU is dustoff_neutral_loop

    YOU (sigh_disappointed)
Oh for f*ck's sake, I'm 50 cents short.

It's alright, I got it.

@YOU is react_startled_surprised

@YOU faces left

    YOU (talk_startled_neutral)

@ETHAN walks to spot 1.388 50 0 in zone 1 AND ETHAN faces right

There are two ways to do this:

@ETHAN enters from left to spot 1.388 50 0

(don’t add the zone with the above command otherwise you’ll get an error)

Or if you want him to enter already with that height scale, you have to spot place him somewhere offscreen to the left.

@ETHAN spot 1.388 -100 0
@ETHAN walks to spot 1.388 50 0

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I tried the second option and it worked! thank you so much!