Need help with character exiting

I’m trying to get my character to exit from a certain height but it’s not working, someone please help.

Can you send your script at that part?

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JUJU (talk_neutral)
He will be here in a minute.

@cut to zone 3

@ANTONIO spot 1.316 114 38

@ANTONIO is eyeroll_subtle

@CHRIS enters from right to spot 1.361 270 14 AND CHRIS is walk_neutral

@CHRIS is idle_armscrossed_neutral_loop

@speechbubble is 141 302 to 60% with tail_top_left

ANTONIO (talk_neutral)
Where is he?

@speechbubble is 233 306 to 70% with tail_top_right

CHRIS (talk_neutral)
Behind you.

@ANTONIO faces right

@ANTONIO is idle_armscrossed_awkward_loop

@speechbubble is 233 306 to 70% with tail_top_right

CHRIS (talk_neutral)
Follow me.

@CHRIS faces right

@CHRIS walks to spot 1.361 160

@ANTONIO walks to 1.316 146 11

If this is the moment they walk out of the scene, there is a simple fix.
As you can see, Antonio has more coordinates hen Chris when he walks. This last number (with Antonio it’s the number 11), makes sure the height goes to 11 when hitting the endpoint.
So what you have to do?
Add in the the number of the height Chris started at to make sure he walks out with the same height.
When I look at your code, Chris started out on height 14:

So change the line:


If there was no problem for Chris, but for Antonio. I notice that he starts at height 38 and walks out on height 11. Change 11 to 38 if you don’t want him to change heights.

Hope this helps!

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