Need help with character points!

Hi! I need help with the script shown below. I’m trying to make it so you can say yes or no to checking your points with a character, and then being able to choose which character you would like to see first. Please help!

I don’t think you can have an if/else statement inside a choice.

On line 1373, you need a }.

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I think @LaurelleE27 is right, you can’t have a if/else statement inside a choice. You would have to do

Would you like to check character points?
“Yes.” {
goto check points
“No.” {
goto end

Label check points
Which points would you like to check?
“Chris.” {
goto Chris points
“Jeanie.” {
goto Jeanie points

Label Chris points
If (Chris =0) {
You have 0 Chris points.
Goto label check points

This is just a really rough guide, but it should work if you do it like this :wink:


Yes. You can have if/else inside of choices. It’s labels that you can’t have inside of choices. Your script is correct (almost). You need a } on line 1373 and one on 1385. Also, instead of elif(CHRIS=1) just put else. If the reader has only been able to gain 1 point then you only need if(CHRIS=0) and else :blush: I would also put a choice for “finished” and goto end inside so they aren’t stuck on the choice :wink:

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thank you! it worked! :blush:

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You are most welcome :blush:

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