Need help with character zoom!

Hi! In one of my scenes I got four characters standing in the same zone/screen (2 are in front and 2 are behind them) and I want to know how can I zoom on the back characters without the 2 front characters getting in the way? I have a picture to show you what it looks like! Thanks!

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&zoom on # to % in #
@CHARACTER walks to spot # in # AND CHARACTER is animation AND CHARACTER faces l/r

&zoom on 467 352 to 266% in 2
@AMY walks to spot 1.079 44 81 in 2 AND AMY is rear AND AMY faces left

(Your basically just moving the character while zooming in at the same time.)

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It worked! Thank you so much! You’re a lifesaver! :innocent:

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I’m not an author so I can’t help

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