Need Help with Choice within Choice PLEASE!

Hey everyone, I need help.

This is going to be the most technical of my chapters.

Basically I’m trying to give the option to choose between playing one of two characters.
Within each character choice, I’d like them to be able to choose clothing options.

And then at the end of each chapter, have the option to go back and play as the other character.

Currently I’m working on one of the chosen character’s clothing choices



It sounds like you’re going to need a lot of labels and gains.

Have the reader make a “gain” when they choose a character and also use labels to “goto” the clothing choice for each character. Then, at the end of the chapter, the choice to go back will have a “goto” that links to a label at the top of the character choice again.

Labels cannot be inside of brackets so you will need to use labels and gotos. And since you want readers to be able to go back and play as the other character, it would be best to not use gains but instead use the choice name method or you can use points.

label character_choice

Who do you want to play as?

choice (choose_char)
“Character 1” {
goto char1_story
} “Character 2” {
goto char2_story

label char1_story


goto end_chapter

label char2_story


goto end_chapter

label end_chapter

Do you want to go back and play as the other character?

“Yes” {
goto character_choice
} “No” {

Then if you want to remember the choice the reader chose for future episodes, you will need to use the choice name method: DARA’S GUIDE: Remember Choices with if/elif/else

Thank you so so much! It fixed the problem.
It may have been a bit ambitious as I’m new to episode, but thanks for sharing your knowledge!

Thank you for your advice, I figured it out. Thanks for taking the time to help!