Need help with choose love interested script!

Hello Everyone,

I need a help. Is someone have any choose a love interested script? When you have please :pleading_face: share here. Is really important to me and the reader.

Alina Greeks :heart:

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Try checking out this

Or try this one

Who do you want to be with?

“LI1” {

goto story_branch_LI1

} “LI2” {

goto story_branch_LI2


label story_branch_LI1

here goes your story with LI1

goto end_chapter

label story_branch_LI2

here goes your story with LI2

goto end_chapter

label end_chapter

here comes your end of chapter

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Is other script template

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I already try . But it showing some errors And thank you for it

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What error do you get

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I sent you tomorrow

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what should I do here? pls, say!