Need help with clothing choice

So it says there’s a problem with the line (put in bold) - { that has no matching

label afterclothes
choice “Flannel Shirt” {
@KATARINA starts dustoff_neutral_loop
@pause for 1
@KATARINA changes into KATARINA_1-1
@KMIRROR changes into KATARINA_1-1
@pause for a beat
gain 1-1
goto afterclothes
} “Boyfriend Jeans” {
@KATARINA changes into KATARINA_1-2
@KMIRROR changes into KATARINA_1-2
@pause for a beat
gain 1-2
goto afterclothes
} “Cluster Funk” {
@KATARINA changes into KATARINA_1-3
@KMIRROR changes into KATARINA_1-3
@pause for a beat
gain 1-3
goto afterclothes
} “Go with it” {
goto clothesfinish
label clothesfinish

Will appreciate the help. :blossom:

You need to fix your gain names and remove the dashes

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100% on point. Didn’t know, but it helped :slight_smile: Thanks a lot! :hearts:

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@Jeremy or @Sydney_H solved and can be closed ty.

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