Need help with code back-ground

Hii…! Can some-one help me code this back-ground it is a pool party. I can’t post the back-ground here since I can’t. But I do knows the creator of it and I can take screen shot if some-one plz helps me :yellow_heart:
Thank-you …!:yellow_heart:

Hey what exactly do you need coded ?

code party scene and then zoom to where people are talk-big . .! Does that makes sense sorry if it don’t :cry:

Yes it does . But I think anyone who does that would need the actual bg and ols to do it :sweat_smile:

@bxllagray you can copy and paste the background here so I can help you more specifically but if you wanna zoom to a certain part when you preview the story click on the right “show helpers” and click camera. Then click “focus” and you can move the camera left to right and if you wanna zoom in or out click “zoom” then when you’re done adjusting it, on the bottom there’s a box that shows the code. Copy and paste it to your code and it should work. But if you wanna move your camera to the zone add @pan to zone 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 max.

I can’t send back-ground but I can give you the google drive to amepisode linktree and tells you the back-ground name iam talk-ing about


This is the back-ground

Hii.! I know how to zoom and the other stuff you say but I need help some-One try too help me out with this. I can’t post back-ground because Iam not allowed but it is from amepisode linktree and this is what the background look like

then you would go here

Then I want to code some-thing like this from a story I seen

Then the last two characters are having conversation about some-thing